Above: Converted an old Orion 6x30 optical finder scope into a green-laser finder. It's not like I was ever going to use that old finder again!

This is an excellent buy. You can get them for less, but this has a brighter beam than most.

Above: Permanently modified an old Vixen 2" 40mm eyepiece to 1 1/4". Why? With the Paracor, I couldn't bring it to focus without backing  the Paracor  out about 1.5 inches.  Problem solved by extending the eyepiece. Even though it is an ortho design, it still gives a nice image.

Just a note. These modifications had a total out of pocket expense of $0.00! It was all done with stuff I had laying around. More money for a new eyepiece! 

Above: Piggy-backed a 90mm Mak on a Slick Quick-Release mount. Sandwiched between that mount and the 90mm is a slow-motion alt-az mount. I'm trying to figure a way to modify a 10x microscope ocular to a 1 1/4 fitting. If I can do that, this will be one bright finder!

Notice the duel-eyepiece holder. It has a flip mirror to swap out eyepieces. I usually use the Mak scope for lunar observing.

Above: The Discovery Recovery Scope. 12.5 " reflector. If you want to know how it was made, click here to download (or open) a power-point presentation.